Parts of Braces

Parts of Braces


The wire that attaches into brackets and bands in order to direct tooth movement.


A thin stainless steel ring that is closely adapted to fit the contours of back teeth and cemented into place.

Bite Correcting Appliance (such as a Mara or PowerScope)

Device or spring that works with braces to correct excessive overbite.

Bracket (or brace)

The orthodontic attachment that is glued to the tooth and holds the archwire. Brackets can be metal or ceramic (clear).

Elastics (rubber bands)

Go from top to bottom teeth in various ways to move teeth in prescribed direction to correct bites.


An extraoral appliance used when necessary for growth modification, tooth movement or anchorage.

Orthognathic Surgery

Surgery used to alter relationships of teeth and supporting bones, usually accomplished in conjunction with orthodontic therapy.


An x-ray image (film or digital) that is used to visualize teeth, bones and other structures in order to better diagnose and treat patients.


A removable or fixed orthodontic appliance that is used to maintain the position of the teeth following treatment.