Testimonials Archive

Claudette P

When I first came to Dr. Pollei’s office I really couldn’t believe I had even talked myself into making the appointment. At 42 years old I really thought I was to old and there was nothing that could be done for me. I didn’t have all my back teeth and my front teeth were so out of line. I left that day crying because I was GIVEN HOPE and treated with so much respect. Here I am today, 15 months later leaving in tears again. I have a smile that I am so proud of. One I never thought I would have. DR. P AND HIS STAFF are AMAZING. If you need braces and this is the place for you. It doesn’t matter your age or how much you doubt that anything can be done. You can do it with the help of Dr. Pollei and his staff!!

Catherine S

I recently had braces put on at the age of 37. From day 1 the staff is the friendliest staff – very nice and passionate. I 100% recommend!


Dr. Pollei is the best orthodontist ever!!! (Carver – age 8)

Ben E

Good folks here! Loving my Invisalign! Very professional people.

Megan L

Growing up I always had very crowded, crooked teeth. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this was the smile I had and I just had to deal with it. I was very self conscience of it, and while I was very happy and wanted to smile, was very embarrassed to show the world my teeth. Dr. Pollei and his staff never, ever made me feel embarrassed about how my teeth looked. I wasn’t even sure it was possible to straighten out my monstrous smile, but Dr. Pollei assured me that they could. I was so nervous!! Dr. Pollei and his team quickly made me feel at ease though. It was like having my own personal cheerleaders!!!! They were so excited for me to get my braces and were so supportive throughout the whole process!! They are so personable and listen to their patients. It was fun to come in every month and catch up with them. I just got my braces off this morning and couldn’t even believe that the dazzling smile I saw in the mirror was my own. Dr. Pollei exceeded my expectations and gave me a smile I can share with the world!!!! His whole team came and looked at my new smile, and they were all so happy for me!! And I was not the only adult in his office getting braces!!! So if you think you’re too old or that braces can’t fix your smile, I highly recommend giving Dr. Pollei and his staff a visit. You will 1000000% not regret it!!!!!

Haley G

Dr. Pollei and his staff are amazing! They are super sweet and patient! I am kind of scared of everything and they walked me through everything and assured me the whole way through! If you want nice people and even nicer teeth, Pollei is the way to go!!

Stevie R

Dr. Pollei and his team are wonderful! They helped walk us through all of the steps to get our daughters braces set up and taken care of effortlessly. They have been so sweet and professional for all of our appointments. I am so thankful for their patience and care with my 9 year old. I highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

Crystal White

The entire staff is very friendly, knowledgable and goes the extra mile to put your child at ease! Dr. Pollei has a great “bedside manner” and listens to your concerns.

Andrea Sanford

My 10 year old son needed braces. He is our only child. Neither my husband nor I needed braces so we knew nothing about the process. The team at Pollei Orthodontics walked us through the process. Braces came off yesterday and our son’s teeth look incredible. Such an easy process with beautiful results! Highly recommend Dr Pollei as he is so friendly and does an excellent job!

Rob Baughman

Amazing staff. Dr. Pollei is honest and fair in care and service. Other ortho’s quoted us much more for my son’s braces. He did it for a fraction of the cost. So glad that I checked with them for another opinion. They also support local children’s sports.